Chipantha is accepting bids from potential suppliers (sandal makers) and drop shippers. Chipantha clothing brand creates quality fashion products that make the world a better place. This minority, woman owned business is financially backed by Entrepreneurs Against Poverty (EntrAPov) LLC, see Entrapov.com. Chipantha's uniquely colorful sandals have successfully sold in the US, UK, and Africa. We are now expanding operations and need a second supplier to meet demand. 

Below you can find:

  • The Chipantha story as told by founder and designer, Dalisey Brooks, of Cape Town , South Africa.
  • PDF document showing the current manufacturing process. 
  • Video showing close ups of the materials and manufacturing process. 

The Chipantha Story told by founder, Dalisey Brooks.

My name is Dalisey. Even as a little girl who owned only 1 red dress and no shoes, I loved fashion. By day, I design and sell quality sandals, accessories and clothing. By night, I study Bachelor of science in Business Management with Finance emphasis through BYU. Having first-hand experience with poverty, I believe in serving and giving back to the community.  My brand, “Chipantha,” is named after my Grandfather. He didn't see me as a helpless little girl in a village. He saw who I might become. He gave me the ability to persevere. The products I design are uniquely hand crafted to empower and make you feel comfortable, valuable and inspired. 

 How the Sandals Are Made

 Click HERE to view a Google slideshow of the manufacturing process. There is also a video below.


The Chipantha Story in Video